Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 9

Day 9 1/11
Club WOW was crazy and by crazy I mean that we had to watch our pockets as well as protect the girls from the locals. They are very forceful on what they want even if it is in your pocket. We were treated as though we were VIP at the place, Buba got us in for free and avoided the 100 Dalaisi cover fee. The drinks were not that expensive but we were one of the few people drinking in the club. We believe this reason is that many Muslims do not drink alcohol and we are in a very prevalent Muslim area. We left around 2 AM and came back to our room where we quickly fell asleep. We again went to a market the only difference was that this market was very large and we were allowed to stay there for an hour instead of the normal half hour. We thought that we would be able to find the items we wanted but were unsuccessful. I began talking to a person who seemed to be about the same age as me. He was very friendly and told me his name was Joe. I asked Joe if they had what we were looking for in the market and he had told us to follow him and he would take us to the part of the market that sold these items. At first I was a little suspicious but we went ahead and followed him. Sure enough he did exactly what he said he was going to do and guided us directly to the art work we were hunting for. While walking through the market Joe constantly looked back to make sure everyone was following him and that we remained in a group. Towards the beginning I was not sure if he and his family just wanted some business or if he was truly trying to help us find what we were looking for. The second option was his motive and Joe truly cared about guiding us through the market and making sure we got what we were looking for. Without Joe I would not have been able to find the djembe and we sure would have never made it past the fish part of the market. Because of the heat many people were tired and a little cranky but after our pizza lunch this edge cooled off. We then went to a Tower 22 that was put in place by the current President. After our tour of the monument we went to an internet cafĂ© since we will be leaving the town tomorrow to go camping and will not be able to e-mail for the next couple of days. Tonight we are to go back to Sultan Sweets a restaurant where we were served large portions of food and ice in our drinks, but this time I will hopefully remember to take the ice out of my drink before I pour anything into it. Then tomorrow it is off to Tendaba Camp where we are to be roughing it. This weather here is amazing it is sunny everyday without a cloud in the sky, but the area we are in is still a little beaten with garbage scattered throughout the streets. Maybe this will not be the case in the village we are to see tomorrow but I’m not expecting to much on the cleanliness of the village, I’ve endured worse before.

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Mom said...

You've endured worse you're bedroom! Just kidding. Stay safe. We miss you!