Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 12

Day 12 1/14
Today was another travel day where we were going to leave Tendaba camp and go back to Muhammad’s house near Banjul. The journey home was not near as bad as the ride there. My butt stayed in contact with the seat the entire ride and I even fell asleep for a little while on the ride back. We stopped at Sultan Sweets for lunch at 3:00 and we learned that we would later be eating dinner at 7:00. We would be eating traditional African cuisine which I was excited about. Our meal was to be at Yuro’s house, he is the owner of the bus company that we have been using while in The Gambia. His compound was very nice and one of his wives actually initiated the party for us. For entertainment he had some dancers and drummers. The dancers again insisted that we participate but they were very willing to teach us dance moves. Dancing was extremely tiring because of the exaggerated movements required for their dancing. Our party did not last too long which was nice because we were tired. I noticed at the end any food that was left over went to the drummers and singers. They simply put the bowl on the ground and they began to use their hands to get what food they wanted. I know being tired comes up a lot in my journal but the fact is that while sleeping I do not sleep well and am consistently tired.

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