Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 13

Day 13 1/15
Today we visited the US embassy. During our visit to the embassy we experienced the most security that we have gone through since being to an airport. Luckily we were told to leave almost everything at the house and the only item we needed was our passports. After visiting the embassy we went to lunch were we had a hamburger followed by ice cream. I wish that we were eating more authentic foods compared to the American types of foods. We are still being bothered daily by locals asking for a couple dalasi, even little girls of the age 5 beg me for money. Children also call us Tubob, I think it might be a racial slur of some type but we haven’t figured it out yet. I went to use the phone today but I was told that it was out of service and I asked him whether or not the phone would be fixed today and he told me that it might be fixed by tomorrow. So I went down the street to another telecenter and used their phone. It took approx 1 minute to even here a ring on the other side of the line. Our brochure says it has some of the best communications in all of Africa but they seem to very unreliable. After stopping at the supermarket we were able to relax for the rest of the day and catch up on journal entries and update pictures for other people to see what we have been doing. Sorry my entries have become shorter and shorter, but the first couple days here were packed with activities. Also things that may have seemed very unique and unusual to me the first couple of days have become routine events.

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