Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 15

Day 15 1/17
We woke up and had breakfast at Muhammad’s. He is a very nice man and does anything he can do to make us feel at home. After our lecture about nationalism we drove Senyang fishing village about 35 minutes away where we were to go to the beach for the day. While at the beach we went to a fish market where we bought squid for the next day and also I bought a HUGE shrimp. I was later told it was a different type of shrimp than what we normally eat in the states, but this shrimp put the jumbo shrimp to shame. The fishing village was not modernized with large fishing fleets, but instead had boats made of wood and men pulled in their own nets. The whole area had a potent rotting fish smell to it which at times was hard to stand. That smell though was better than some areas where we have been exposed to the smell of sewage in open drainage systems. At the beach we saw a very large jellyfish, it was a little bigger than a basketball and we were lucky to see it on land and not meet up with it in the water. We had lunch at the village, which for me consisted of fish tenders. Later in the evening right before sunset there were some drummers who entertained us and actually let us try to play with them. We appreciated the lessons and thanked them as they left. The day was full of sun and some individuals found that the hard way by getting fried. I was very pleased with the day of relaxing on the beach even though the beach was not as tidy as most American beaches. We drove back home after saying our goodbyes to the Gambian Tobacco smokers and had dinner as soon as we got back to the house. I asked one of the maids to cook my shrimp and she did so for me. She steamed it but as I said before it had a little bit of a different taste. It tasted more of a piece of shark than it did shrimp. I ate it plain because we did not have any type of cocktail sauce. We got to go to I-link where I updated my blog and checked for emails. The sun wore us out and we were ready for bed early in the night. Our bathroom was still not fixed and it is beginning to smell so we took our showers in the main house where the plumbing was fully functional.

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