Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm sorry it took so long to get to the computers but as you can read in my logs that although Gambia has the best communications they are not always reliable and cut out or just do not work at all. I've tried putting up the most important pictures but because the internet is too slow here I did not have time to put them in a slideshow on the bottom of the page so navigate the picture website and you can find other pictures not on this site. I'm having a great time and I would love to come back here again if I got the opportunity to do so.

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Dad said...

Hey Tubob,
The children look so happy but it seems they are pretty much on their own. Do you get to see the homes or visit with the parents? What do the adults do to support the families? Did you get an application from the Peace Corps? We miss seeing you. Send us some pictures of you.
No snow here, what about there? What is the weather like? Have a great time and cherish the experience.
Love, Dad