Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 5

Day 5 1/7 Travel Day
Today we missed our wake up call but we would have had the time right on if we were in the U.S., but we obviously aren’t. The alarm was set for 6:40 U.S. time and not Senegal time which is 5 hours ahead. So we rushed around for our 7:00 breakfast and we were still one of the firsts out of our mud hut. Buba stopped us on the way to breakfast and asked us to bring our bags to the van and also have a day bag packed for today’s travels, which we were not informed of the previous night. After breakfast we went to an animal reserve which was our safari. We did get to see some interesting animals such as giraffes, rhinos, antelope, and crocodiles. The only negative part of this was it felt like a zoo except we were in a truck to view the animals. I wanted more of an actual safari as in seeing totally wild animals in the natural environment. After we saw the safari we traveled to our new home for one night. Hopefully I sleep better than I did the night before. At the resort in Kaolack we had internet service which I was able to use to send out some emails and upload my pictures. Today was not near exciting as the days before and I feel that tomorrow will be the same way being that we are traveling to The Gambia.

At this time I realized that a lot of Africa is polluted beyond belief with garbage everywhere and animals roaming free through out the towns.

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