Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 6

Day 6 1/8
We had to be ready to leave by 8 in the morning and breakfast was at 7:30. After arriving to breakfast we received the news that our departure time would be delayed by at least 1 hour because of some upset stomachs in the group. I guess all of the fish and rice or chicken and rice is not agreeing with some peoples stomachs. Driving along to our next spot in Banjul, Gambia we traveled across some dirt roads and also drove in the dirt alongside of the roads because offroading is sometimes smoother than actually staying on the road. Crossing the boarder took quite awhile because we had to go through customs. While sitting on the bus between the boarders we were asked to buy various items from individuals with their faces pressed against the glass. Still even in this area if you give out one thing and the children expect you to give them the world. People in this area are English speaking compared to the French areas in Senegal. For the rest of the day we are to rest and get accustom to the area. Temperaments are starting to flare a little and mine is as well. I am a little frustrated because the three pairs of shoes I brought to barter with were given away, one of my knowing and the other two pairs I do not know who received them. Hopefully things take a turn but as of right now I enjoyed Senegal much more than I am enjoying The Gambia and the people here are much more friendly.

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Anonymous said...

Man! Those were my shoes for bargaining! O well I'm sure they were put to good use! Get me something good anyway:). Hope you're having fun! Later Jeffer. -Alli