Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 7

Day 7 1/9 Beach in The Gambia
In the morning we woke up to go to breakfast where Buba informed us we were early, but we were on time. Now I am starting to realize the African time system which seems to be at least an hour behind schedule. Today we started going to the beach where we were to relax for the day. We walked along the beach to start off the day and we were approached by a few people along the beach wanting us to visit their market or bar area. After a very American lunch of a chicken sandwich and fries I relaxed in a hammock held up by palm trees and surrounded by tropical shrubs. After the beach we went to the supermarket where we bought some needed supplies such as lotion for our drying skin as well as a few snacks that we craved in our missing diets. We also stopped at an internet café where we were able to talk to check our email. We then went to the telecenter, a place where we are able to pay to use the phone, to call people back home. Returning to our house, I took a shower with some cold water and got dressed for going out to a club. We went over to the main house where we were served spaghetti with some red sauce. Dinner was followed by a lecture and then we were to go out, but we decided not to do so because it was getting pretty late and the sun had drained us of our energy earlier in the day. Tomorrow we will hopefully do more and see more than today.

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